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The word anime is an abbreviation of the word animation in Japan, where the word is used to refer to all animation. However, outside of Japan, it has become the catch-all term for animated story lines from Japan.

For decades, anime was a style of storytelling confined to Japan - a style, with a different feel to not just the artwork but also the ways of storytelling and plotlines, the themes, backgrounds and concepts. Over the last four decades, anime has become a widespread phenomena and has millions of fans worldwide.

A whole generation of viewers in the western countries has grown up watching it and are now introducing it to the next generation.

Anime is not a genre but a style of presenting the material. It is a distinctive style that in itself comprises of all genres imaginable : drama, horror, fantasy, comedy, sci-fi, mystery, thriller etc.

Anime style storylines range from flamboyant and outlandish to basic and direct themes. The simpler themes still boast of compelling artwork and storyline. Anime Art makes every new series look very fresh.

What makes anime so appealing is that it doesn't shy away from out of the world storylines, crazy character and themes that do not seem to have any imaginative restrictions or limitations.

The range of anime available to the audience is mind boggling with episodes ranging from a few dozen episodes to hundreds.

Apart from intriguing story line and compelling visual arts, Anime allows us to become more familiar with the Japanese culture, traditions and values.

All in all, anime involves huge emotional commitment from its fans and has continued to grow into a phenomenon over the past decades. Anime inspired movies and shows has been made on regular basis in the West, reinforcing Anime's place on the international entertainment and arts market.

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